We're making a new short film! 

Our short follows the story of a Syrian refugee family--specifically by focusing on a 7-year old girl who has to flee her country--and aims to build empathy and compassion for the plight of refugees.

With the atrocities being committed within Syria (both by the regime and by rebel fighter groups like ISIS), coupled with growing animosity and fear of Arabs, now is the time to create another ground-breaking film to humanize "the other" and elicit an emotional connection with the refugee.  

So for those of you who care about making a difference in the world through awareness that changes culture, come on board with What I Have Lost, our Syrian Refugee story, and help us change the situation today! 

ReMovedFilm is a 501c3 non-profit, and we can provide U.S. donors with a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. And we thank you so incredibly much for your generosity!